Sunday, 10 July 2011

Assignment 3: Colour: Still Life: Colour Contrast – Different Colours

For this example I have chosen to contrast blue (cool) and yellow (warm) with these glass bottles filled with diluted food colour. The bottles were photographed on a sunlit window sill. I also made photographs with flash but I found that the plain background meant that there wasn't the variety of refracted and reflected shapes and tones that I got from the scene outside
7008: 1/60s f5.6 200mm, aperture priority

Colour details: I made several crops of the image but chose this one to increase the proportion of the yellow/orange which increases the contrast due to its relative brightness. The crest moulded into the bottle is emphasised by the circle and forms a focal point. Although the image has strong verticals, the curved shoulders of the bottle and the rounded refraction of the bottom edge of the the window pane, carries the eye across the frame.

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