Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Assignment 3: Colour: Still Life: Colour Harmony – Similar Colours

For this still life I have chosen the warm colours of ripe fruit to show colour harmony with similar colours.(adjoining colours between red and yellow on the colour wheel)  Once again I have used a macro lens to frame the fruit closely. The set is as shown below. I have used just one soft box at 45° to the right and polystyrene reflectors to lift the shadows.


6601: 1/125s f13 80mm macro lens

Colour Diagram - Notes: I have oversimplified the tones here. Warm colours dominate the frame, the two cherries were chosen for their different tones of red and the graduation of yellows through to orange and pink/red on the apricots and peaches, help to reinforce the colour harmony in the image. For this and the previous assignment picture, I have set the picture control on my camera to Vivid to ensure saturated colours. Once again there are points, at least one, possibly two triangles to give movement to the image.

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