Monday, 20 June 2011

Assignment 3: Colour: Still Life: Colour Harmony – Complimentary Colours

 The assignment brief is to take four photographs to show each of the following in deliberate relationships:
  • Colour harmony through complimentary colours
  • Colour harmony through similar colours
  • Colour contrast through contrasting colours
  • Colour accent through any of the above
I will attempt to include the following categories in each of the groups above:
  • Abstract
  • Landscape (nature)
  • Cityscape (man made)
  • Still life (including food)
I have given this assignment a lot of thought and planning. I am starting by taking the still life photographs.

Still Life: Colour Harmony – Complimentary Colours

I have started with a simple close up image of tomato segments and lettuce for complimentary colours in proportion to their relative brightness i.e.1:1. The photo was taken in my studio setup using just one soft box to the right as shown below:


6547: 1/125s f13 80mm macro lens


Colour Diagram – notes. This image’s colours are fairly well balanced, they are in the correct proportion according to their relative brightness (1:1). The red is not fully saturated and does not overpower the green. The elements in the composition include both curves and diagonal lines introducing rhythm across the frame.

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