Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Art of Photography – Assessment Results


I submitted this course for assessment in July 2012. My results were available in August. I was very pleased to hear that I had scored 78% and that the assessors report recognised the effort that I had made.

Advice for Future Study (this is reproduced from my results letter with future action in bold)

“Technically accomplished submission with evidence of an imaginative and experimental approach. Theme-based, self driven assignment work is rear at this level. You are committed to producing professional-looking images, taking risks and paying great attention to detail. Your design and compositional skills are paired with excellent observational skills. You learning log is exemplary and shows engagement with the discipline, relevant self reflective comments and evidence of research.”

“Further develop your editing skills to enhance the narrative values of sets of images and to avoid repetition that potentially weakens otherwise strong portfolios.”

This final sentence gives me a clear pointer for my next course of study. The first section of Digital Photographic Practice gives me the opportunity to remedy this shortcoming.

Richard Down August 2012