Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Assignment 3: Colour: Landscape/Nature: Colour Contrast - Different Colours

I haven't yet been able to indentify this alpine flower photographed on the Vitranc ridge in Slovenia. The contrast of these two secondaries, green and violet, works well in this image.

6670: 1/90s f5 75mm, aperture priority mode.

Colour Details: Although the relative luminance of green (6) and violet (3) mean that the flower is only just brighter than the background, it stands out well and is after all in its natural surroundings. I chose to place the bloom off centre. The bud was out of focus anyway and recedes naturally. There is tension here as the bud does not balance the bloom. The verticals, curves and diagonals of the stem and blades of grass give movement in the bottom half of the frame. The implied triangle shape of the bloom itself provides a focus in the left half of the frame.

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