Saturday, 23 July 2011

Assignment 3: Colour: Summary and Conclusion

What did I learn from this module and  assignment?

I was able to identify and demonstrate the use of different colours in various deliberate relationships. From my experience of building  a library of colours I have been able to more easily slot varying hues into their place in the colour  circle. Fortunately the assignment has been completed at a time of year when colour is abundant in the landscape giving me the opportunity to see and use many natural colours. I have learned that pure colours rarely occur in nature and when they do, the interplay of sunlight, shadow, cloud and other colours in close proximity can effect their tone and hue. I have also experimented with the use of exposure compensation, both positive and negative on the strength of colours.

Comments on Tutor Feedback:
I was gratified to read;  "You are well on the way and learning all the time."
Following generally positive feedback from my tutor I replied with these comments:

"I’m afraid I do tend to focus too narrowly on the brief, even though I allowed myself plenty of time to choose my range of subjects. I am pleased that you liked my abstracts, I took a chance and it seems to have paid off. Again your comment about anchoring them to the frame is noted. I have spent  time reading  some of the threads on the OCA forum and looking at the work other photographer’s over the past weeks, searching for ideas and inspiration.  I hope you’ll be getting more original/individual work for assignment 4."

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