Monday, 25 April 2011

Assignment 2: Elements of Design: Vertical and Horizontal

A combination of vertical and horizontal lines.

This image took a lot of thought and planning. My initial response was to include two different types of long vegetables arranged vertically and horizontally but this again, looked too contrived. I then had the idea of making an image of food in preparation. I had no assistant for this task but luckily I have a wireless remote control for my camera and was able to complete the operation single handed.

5531: 1/125s f22 170mm (see below for lighting set up deatils)

(click on the image to see an enlarged version in a separate window)

Lighting set up

60cm softbox to right - full power, silver reflector to left. 30cm softbox 45° to left ½ power.

I carefully polished the blade of the cleaver and postioned it at a slight angle to the axis of the lens so that I would get a clean reflection of the cut beans.

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