Saturday, 23 April 2011

Assignment 2: Elements of Design: Several Points Arranged...

Several points arranged in a definite shape

With this image, I wanted to ensure that the elements were arranged in such a way that the viewers eye would move through the photograph and include all of the objects. I read that, as westerners, we tend to look at images from left to right and that the ideal arrangement of objects is in a spiral with its start at the top left of the group and following an 'a' shape to encompass all of the elements. My image includes some of the ingredients for making a Dhal layed out on a rectangular white plate:

5487: 1/160s f16 35mm standard lens. 60 cm softbox to the right, silver reflector to the left.

(click on the image to enlarge in a separate window)
The diagonals across the corners help to reinforce the movement, the diagram below shows how I expected the shape to work.

I started by placing the three dried spices in a triangle, then arranged the other ingredients according the the 'a' shape required. I am pleased with this arrangement.

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