Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Assignment 2: Elements of Design: Single Point

Introduction: The brief of this assignment is to produce at least ten photographs of  similar subject matter to show these effects:
  • a single point dominating the composition
  • two points
  • several points in a deliberate shape
  • a combination of vertical and horizontal lines
  • diagonals
  • curves
  • distinct, even if irregular shapes
  • at least two kinds of implied triangle
  • rhythm
  • pattern
I have chosen to use the raw materials of food as I have a particular interest in the subject.

I anticipate taking most of the photographs indoors which makes them easy to reproduce and adjust if necessary.

A single point dominating the composition

5113: 1/5s f10 90mm (daylight from rear with 60cm soft box 45° and 1.7m to the left - for soft fill flash. White balance set for direct sunlight)
(click the image to enlarge in separate window)
 Rather than having just the tomato on a plain cloth, I have included some dried pasta to add interest.  There was no particular arrangement in mind, the pasta was just poured out of  the jar. I have turned a few over as they tend to fall open side up. I chose a tomato for it's dominant colour and placed it in the lower left section of the frame to give moderate dynamism.

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