Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Assignment 2: Elements of Design: Two Points

Two Points: Updated 19/04/11

I have tried to keep this image simple and decided to use two similar objects on a plain background. The use of a shallow depth of field has isolated the nearest strawberry by throwing the other out of focus. Both have been placed near diagonally opposite corners with the nearest appearing larger in the frame. There is some unresolved tension tension from this which initially makes your eye flick from one to the other but it then settles on the nearest.

5299: 1/125s f11 150mm (Lit by single  60cm softbox 45ยบ to right)
(click on the image to enlarge in a new window)

Printed images: I am experimenting with the quality of printing with a view to submitting prints for my assessment. Using the soft print option in Capture NX, I have determined that I need to move the contrast slider to +12 and  the saturation slider by +25 to give the best approximation of my monitor display. I will also do a trial using one or two labs to produce a handful of prints so that I can judge the cost effectiveness of submitting in this way.

Two Points Take 2: 19/04/11. I wasn't happy with the image above, it is too contrived. (as is the image I made for Rhythm) I did some research, looking at photographs published in recipe books and magazines. I have looked at many images that are obviously set up but I want these images to look as natural as possible. I have changed the subject of this element  to raw egg. My first instinct was to include a whisk to give the image a purpose, i.e. you've separated the yolk, next you're going to whisk the white.

The lighting set up is shown here:

5385: 1/125s f11 35mm(standard lens) both softboxes are set to quarter power. Silver reflector.

(Click on image to enlarge in a new window)
However, I found the whisk distracting and removed it...........

5386: As above.

(Click on image to enlarge in a new window)

I have chosen to use the fixed focus standard lens for my camera. It makes the camera very easy to handle. I find it makes me plan layouts with more care as the zoom option is not available. It is also a faster lens with a maximum aperture of f1.8. This means I can use lower power on my lights and focus more selectively.
I have yet to make my final selection from these two images but I think 5836 is the better one.

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