Sunday, 6 November 2011

Part 5 Narrative and Illustration – Project: Narrative, continued

Exercise: A narrative picture essay – continued

I managed to research and plan this project fairly well but there were a few details which left my coverage of the events of the day a bit hit and miss. My idea was to cover the assembly of the procession, the judging and prize giving first, the parade next and to finish with the fireworks and bonfire. The judging was very low profile and although prize winners were announced over the PA system, I wasn’t sure when and where the prizes were given out so I missed that bit.
The most difficult part was selecting the photographs from the dozens that I made. I decided on six from the afternoon’s preparations, six from the parade after dark and just three of the bonfire and fireworks (It was raining by this time, as forecast)
I have arranged the selected images onto a couple of contact sheets with exposure details. (these are not a final selection and could change)

Liphook Carnival, Bonfire and Fireworks

My next task was to arrange the photographs in a interesting way to provide a narrative of the day. Using MS Publisher, I found it easy to resize, caption and position the images. I then saved them as .jpeg files so I could display them on this blog. My final selections are displayed as two images shown below.
Liphook Carnival and Fireworks
Liphook Carnival and Fireworks02
What did I learn from this exercise?: The most important lesson from this exercise was that you can never do too much planning. I gathered all of my information from the Carnival website and walk around the route. I think I would have been better prepared had I spoken to the organisers to find out about the judging. With regard to the fire works, a visit to the park in daylight may have given me a better idea of the best viewpoint for the firework display. I had my tripod set up out of the way but as you can see from the pictures, I had  a row of trees on the left of the frame. As mentioned above, editing over 100 images down to 15 for the essay was difficult. Arranging them effectively was also hard. I will  find out more about the design and layout of pages to make the task easier for future projects. Overall I think this is a reasonable first effort.

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