Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Part 5 Narrative and Illustration – Project: Illustration

Exercise: Rain

The brief for this exercise was to produce a single photograph illustrating “rain”. I have developed an idea I put forward in part four and used raindrops on a window but this time I have used the specular highlights of distant street lights and traffic signals as a background abstraction while focusing on the droplets on the glass. I think this works particularly well especially with the green traffic light. I have to admit to providing the “rain” myself with a misting bottle. I waited but the rain didn’t come at the right time. I used a portrait format as it was intended for a cover page with space above and below for titles and copy.
8951: 13s f5.6 130mm ISO200 White Balance Auto, tripod mounted
Conclusion: I think this image works very well even as an abstract. Though the colours are mainly warm, I do get a feeling of cold and damp and being glad I’m on the inside.
That is the final exercise for this section. It will be some time before I can undertake the final assignment (Jan 2012) I am planning to complete some of the recommended reading and write up some notes. I may also attempt some practice assignments which I will add to my blog, just in case my final assignment does not work out for any reason.

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