Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Part 5 Narrative and Illustration – Project: Narrative

Exercise: Evidence of Action.

The object of this exercise is to produce one photograph in which it can be seen that something has happened. I discounted the suggestion of something broken or empty. Instead I went out for a walk, hoping to find evidence in nature. To be honest, I had something in mind and was not disappointed and came across two situations, both grisly in which something has clearly happened:
DSC_8850_edit01_web DSC_8851_edit01_web
The first, a predator, probably a fox has killed a bird and made off with most of the corpse. The second was the remains of a deer which appears to have become trapped by the  antlers in sheep netting and perished while trying to get free. Of the two, I have chosen the first as it is enigmatic and poignant while the second is overwhelmingly macabre and has little implied movement in the composition.
8850: 1/125s f5.6 31mm ISO800

Illustration: The learning notes made reference to concepts which are abstract and need imaginative treatment when put forward in a photograph. Such ideas would include; happiness, love, wealth, poverty, anger, satisfaction and envy. The symbols listed for protection were fairly comprehensive and I couldn’t think of any more obvious ones. Symbols for growth would include plants, trees bearing fruit, different size money piles or bags (financial growth), babies, children and adults together, spawn, tadpoles and frogs, tree rings buds and flowers.
Exercise: Symbols
For this exercise I have to list symbols (more than one) which could represent growth, excess, crime silence and poverty.
Growth: see the list above. In a photograph, I can see a quadrant section of a tree trunk with prominent rings, superimposed over it would be the objects at differing stages of development in a chronological progression from the centre outwards.
Excess: (greed?) Symbols for excess could include shows of ostentatious wealth, large buildings, cars, boats, aircraft, all of the symbols of wealth, gold, silver, jewellery – bad taste. Excess could also be depicted with over stacked supermarket shelves, the results of excess in a lifestyle, drunkenness, obesity and related  health problems. For a photograph I can see a juxtaposition of any of these symbols with symbols of poverty (see below)
Crime: Obvious ones, police fighting crime, jails, prison bars, handcuffs, arrested criminals, scales of justice, courts, scenes of devastation (property and human) resulting from crimes, misery, desolation. In a photograph; an anguished face (victim), a desolate criminal  alone in a cell.
Silence: Index finger pressed against the lips is the classic symbol, in some cultures a rose can replace the finger. A period of silence marks respect and silent prayer. In a picture, still water can represent silence. In a photograph, sitting or standing figures with heads bowed and eyes closed are redolent of silence. Empty streets and low sunlight, long shadows invoke a feeling of peace, perhaps silence.
Poverty: Sadly there are too many. An empty bowl, an emaciated child, ragged clothes, tin shanty houses, bare feet (in context) In a photograph any single one or a combination of these would symbolise poverty.

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