Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Part 5 Narrative and Illustration – Project: Narrative

Exercise: A narrative picture essay

I have chosen to record a local event, the Liphook Carnival and Fireworks on this coming Saturday 29th October. I have researched the afternoon/evening’s events on the website.
The website also has photographs from last year’s event so I have some idea what to expect. There is also a route map for the procession.
Schedule - during the evening:
Carnival night kicks off at 7.00pm so please get your spot early so you can see all the fun!
  • 5.30 pm All floats to be assembled by this time
  • 5.45 pm Judging of Floats, Push and Pull Vehicles and Adult Fancy Dress
  • 6.30 pm Entertainment in the square
  • 6.45 pm Crowning of the carnival queen in the square
  • 7.00 pm Procession moves off
  • 8.30 pm Procession returns through the square, bonfire and fireworks in Radford Park
I am planning to arrive in the late afternoon to record the assembly of the floats, judging and prize giving. If I can leg it fast enough to get to the square I’ll try to get to the crowning of the Carnival queen too. I’m going to drive the route on Friday afternoon to find a good spot to photograph the passing floats and a good vantage point for the bonfire and fireworks.
Most of  the event will take place after dark. I will use my flash gun (GN 42m @ ISO200 and variations according to lens focal length settings, automatically) I will try to use the lowest practical ISO settings. The weather forecast for the daytime is dry but cloudy with some rain in the evening. It could be an interesting event experience.

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