Thursday, 5 May 2011

Part 3: Colour: Project: What makes a colour?

Exercise: Control the strength of a colour.

Objective: To take a series of five pictures of a brightly coloured object at exposures 1EV above and below the average (determined by the camera meter) in half EV increments to demonstrate the effect of exposure on a colour. The images are ranked in order from under to over exposure.

5770: 1/180s f16 200mm

5769:1/180s f13 200mm 

5768: 1/180s f11 200mm (average exposure)
5771: /1/180s f9.5 200mm
5772: 1/180s f8 200mm 
 Conclusion: Apart from the obvious changes in exposure, the yellow colour has become brighter with increased exposure. There is also a definite redistribution of tones in the histogram towards the right as the exposure increased.

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