Monday, 2 May 2011

Assignment 2 Elements of Design: Triangles

At least two kinds of implied triangle:

Once again I have chosen a still life set up to illustrate the use of implied triangles to add dynamism to a composition. I started by building the first triangle and then added others. I was careful not to over complicate the set up.The lighting set up is shown below:

As I was using a black cloth backdrop, I needed a strong fill light to lift the shadows on the left. I used a diffuser brolly with the light set on half power. The softbox was set on full power.

 I have marked  four of the significant triangles in the image. There is an inverted triangle (green) which outlines the shape of the group. The kiwi fruits form an upright triangle (red) and the apples and grapes form another inverted triangle. The apples and the orange form a group of spherical objects which link to form another upright triangle (yellow).

5667: 1/125s f16 65mm

(click the image to enlarge in a new window)

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