Monday, 2 May 2011

Assignment 2: Elements of Design: Diagonals, Conclusion and Tutor Feedback

For this image I have used diagonals to frame a composition and to reinforce diagonal elements within the layout. I have chosen to use the black backdrop again as there is a lot of glass in the image and
I wanted to reduce the risk of too many reflected highlights. Once again I needed a large light source to balance the lighting on the left and used a diffuser brolly at half power with the softbox on full power.  The lighting set up was as shown below:

5728: 1/125s f20 35mm

The composition, consisting of dried beans and pulses and fresh vegetables was formed within the two rows of converging storage jars. The courgettes, asparagus, aubergine and chillies were all arranged diagonally to give movement forward to the bottom of the frame in an attempt at a "cornucopic" effect.

Elements of Design - Conclusion

This assignment has been a challenge. My original choice of subject was landscape. At the end of March the weather was not at all promising so I changed my mind and started with the raw ingredients of food, knowing that all of the work could be done indoors, independent of the weather. I quickly discovered the limit to the range of subjects that could be included and this lead to some very long periods of inactivity while I planned and thought of the best way to include all of the elements of design clearly in 10 photographs. I hope I have achieved this. Working inside has taught me about using light in different ways. I have been using studio lights for a number of years but this is the first time I have combined daylight and flash. I recently purchased "Light - Science and Magic" and look forward to improving my lighting technique and applying what I learn to future assignments.

28th May 2011 - Assignment 2: Elements of Design - Tutor Feedback

The day following receipt of my tutor's feedback, I went on a week's holiday, hence  the delay in commenting on the report.

I was pleased that my tutor found my images technically competent and that I was able to understand and demonstrate the brief. However, as with assignment 1, he would like to have seen more artistry. He found them a bit clinical and unexciting. This is my task for assingment 3, to be more inventive and original.

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