Sunday, 20 February 2011

End of Assignment 1 - What have I learned?

The objective of this assignment was to find and photograph contrasts from a list and to produce eight pairs of images showing these contrasts. I soon discovered that it was not as easy as it sounds. From my notes that accompany the images that I have recorded here in my blog you, will see that I had very little planned. I tended to take one half of a pair and then find a contrasting idea. This in turn led to a lot of thought. As a result, my powers of observation have improved. Finally I produced an image which showed both of a pair in one image which I think is very successful.

What could I improve? I have taken over a hundred images to produce the seventeen for this assignment. I need to know when to stop. Almost always, the first or second image I take is the one I will use. Wading through the rest takes up a lot of time. I have spent ten weeks on this first section and far in excess of the 8-10 hours a week. Better planning and organisation is required for the rest of the course.

I have enjoyed this assignment and the challenge. I am becoming more familiar with my equipment and getting more used to using this blog to record my work. I am looking forward to getting the first feedback from my tutor. Then I will know if I am getting it right.

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