Saturday, 19 February 2011

Assignment 1 Shooting Log 19th Feb 2011

I've been working on "Smooth" today. The weather prevents any work outside, it's raining again. I've found my collection of smooth pebbles very useful. I will pair this image up with one of my rough sea images which have suddenly become more appropriate. I have taken lots of pictures with differing backgrounds and arrangements but finally decided on either one of  these two orientations of the same subject:

4581: 1/125s f22 170mm

4583: 1/125s f22 170mm

I started with too many pebbles of different colours on different surfaces and then I remembered I had a piece of polished granite. I placed one interesting pebble on it and the result is less cluttered and has more impact.  I haven't yet decided which to use.
I have now completed my eight contrasting pairs and will start preparing them for submission. They are as follows:
Rough /Smooth

Contrast in one photograph: Straight and Curved – Spinnaker Tower

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