Saturday, 12 February 2011

Assignment 1 Shooting Log 5th Feb 2011

“Rough” 05/02/11

On Saturday I went down to the coast to photograph the rough sea. It was very windy and  the air was full of spray/rain. I spent as little time out of the car as possible but did manage to get some shots of the sea from two directions. From the car window I photographed this flock of gulls hovering above the promenade. The first is unedited, the second has had the levels tweaked and been cropped. I thought perhaps this would do for "many"

4259: 1/250s f8 40mm

This next shot was taken with my back to wind looking SE. Again the first is unedited, the second has had the levels adjusted and been cropped.

4272: 1/200s f7.1 48mm

Finally I waited until the spray had died down a bit and shot this next photo of the breakers in front of me, unedited first, then adjusted and cropped.

4274: 1/500s f5.6 65mm

Looking at these images a week later, it is doubtful I will use them for the assignment, there is not much of interest going on, they are a bit dull. Breaking waves over a sea wall would have been better but this stretch of coast didn't have that on this occasion.

20/02/11 - I have reconsidered this decision and will now use 4274, a closer cropped version. My "smooth" contrast will be a rounded pebble. What could be more appropriate, the one a product of the other?

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