Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Reference Photographs

Over the past weeks I have been carrying a compact camera to record potential subjects and ideas. Below is a selection of the images, their locations and the thoughts I had which made me record them. Click on the images to dispaly a slightly larger version.

Downing Street Farnham

Staggered verticals give depth, nice red brick textures

Church Lane Farnham
As last shot with added interest of tower

WaggonYard Farnham
Isolated object in a homogenous setting?

Cafe Rouge Farnham
Intrigued by possiblities, bricked up window or oven? Liked the lighting from the window

Cafe Rouge Farnham
Nice graphic design - used as draught excluder! 
Cafe Rouge Farnham
I liked the framing of the balcony and the inverted lettering

Good sturdy old door, strong

Record photo of the coat of arms - needs research

 Winchester Cathedral Gate

Tudor  gables as they should be i.e. not black and white

Liked the even verticals of the tree trunks, the white pattern in the brickwork, the diagonal ramp and the strong shadows on the wall

BLT sandwich - lunch, seeing how close my compact focused.

Tesco Bordon
Repeating diagonal patterns

Tesco Bordon
Repeated patterns compressed with perspective
Walderton W Sussex. Liked the backlight highlighting the grass and the subtle tones of the remaining leaves on the trees.

 Priory Park Chichester
Liked the horizontal shadows, winter sun and family group out for a stroll

 Chichester Cathedral
Horizontal shadows on the Cricket pitch, bare winter trees, cathedral majestically dominates the sea of red tiled roofs.
Return to the same spot in summer, hopefully with a cricket match in progress?

West Beach Bognor Regis
Vertical candy stripes on beach huts

Aldwick Bay
Pure nostalgia. This is the beach where I spent much of my childhood, winter and summer

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