Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Part 1 The Frame; Project: Focal Lengths

Exercise: Focal Lengths, the angle of view.

Objective: This will demonstrate the simplest effect of changing between lenses of different focal lengths or in this case, the effect of a range of focal length settings on a zoom lens.

Camera settings: An open scene with distant views was chosen and a 18-200mm lens was attached to the camera set on a tripod. I chose seven settings as marked on the barrel of the lens. The camera was set to programme mode and ISO 200. The settings are listed with each photograph. I recomposed the photograph where appropriate as the focal length changed.

4146: 1/125s - f8, 18mm

4147: 1/250s - f8, 24mm

4148: 1/250s - f8, 35mm

4149: 1/250s - f8, 52mm

4150: 1/500 - f5.6, 75mm

4151: 1/400s - f5.6, 135mm

4152: 1/400s - f5.6, 200mm

What have I learned? Using a loupe as suggested, I can see that there is no change in the relationship between elements of the picture, i.e.. the church spire's relationship with the surrounding trees is constant. the angle of view of the scene has changed from about about a mile and a half (in the middle ground) at 18mm to approximately half a mile at 200mm. As I was so high up and I wanted to keep the church spire in the right third of the frame, the horizon has risen out of the picture. The hillside in front of the camera and the copse below it as also dropped out of the frame as I re-composed the image to keep the church as the centre of interest.

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