Sunday, 13 May 2012

"il faut que je sois" Roeland Verhallen

12 May 2012
This small exhibition at Kings College Cambridge was enigmatic to say the least.
"The photographs will be presented alongside a critical review from the viewpoint of photographic theory, as delivered by Simeon Koole, a Cambridge graduate researcher in photographic history and theory. The exhibition creates a triad consisting of photographs, text and viewer, thereby facilitating constant interaction of all three elements."
"It must be that I am"
“I’m Roeland Verhallen. 20-years-old. Dutch. Photographer.
I’m always looking for new combinations of situations, objects and people.
Why take photographs of something that is there for everyone to photograph,
when you can create something unique instead?
It’s all about creating a certain ambience where someone can step in,
bathe in, and get out from with a feeling that will be with them
throughout the rest of the day.”
I recall the exhibition was about Time, Being and Ancestry. The review below gives some hint about its meaning although at this stage in my studies, much of it was lost on me. The photographs were beautifully composed and printed from a medium format (6x6) Hasselblad camera. The use of film is explained in the review.

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