Monday, 20 February 2012

Assignment 5–Applying the techniques of narrative and illustration: continued

Update 19th February
Selection of Images for Assignment 5
With so many images to choose from and with such diverse topics to be included, I have decided to narrow the topic of the photo essay/narrative to my time on board the ship and the activities involved with sailing her around the Cape Verde Islands.
Posted below are the images I have included in the narrative which were not in my last post.
9740: 1/800s f7.1 ISO200 70mm (cropped) **
When at anchor, the crew run a regular dinghy service to and from the shore.

9569: 1/200s f7.1 ISO200 18mm (cropped) **
Captain Laurens explains the running rigging for the topsail yards.

9961: 1/500s f11 ISO400 34mm **
The island of Sal appears on the starboard bow.

9984: 1/250s f9 ISO400 28mm **
The permanent crew for the Oosterschelde voyage CV6 January 2012
** Images selected for my essay

The photographic layout and narrative

The thirteen images I have selected for the narrative/essay needed to be laid out and related to one another. The images are grouped with a specific theme or group of related activities on each page and will provide a narrative when read as a whole. I have added captions to these mock ups to expand on the titles I have given each spread. Each image (apart from the cover) represents a double page spread but saving them as JPEGs has done something strange to the page numbering but they are in the order of viewing in the table below, left to right.
Clicking on the thumbnails below will open a new window to show a larger image.
Conclusion: As the final assignment for the Art of Photography Course this has been an immensely challenging task to complete but very enjoyable none the less. I think I have answered my tutor’s critique of some of my work in previous assignments. There are only two images here that do not contain people and the narrative includes the teamwork and cooperation required to sail this historic ship. I would like to thank the permanent crew and my fellow guest crew members for their understanding – while I was making photos, they were doing the work! 
I made enough images to complete three different essays and I was struggling to find ways of introducing the people and landscapes of the Cape Verde Islands but with a limit of 12 images I decided to keep it simple and concentrate on the sailing of the ship. The brief indicates that these images should be part of an article. I hope that I have kept the captions sufficiently brief and that the pictures themselves tell a story.
I still have to go back through my learning log and tidy it up and add some notes on the books I have read. I have applied for assessment in July and have most of my images printed ready for submission. I will submit these 13 images to my tutor this week.

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